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Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive…

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Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive…

Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive… is available on Amazon at best discounted online price. The MRP & discounted rate of this product can be seen Below.(If OUT OF STOCK, Then also Please click on BUY NOW , Sometime It May be available from seller)

Specification of Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive…

  • Get an extra layer of protection for your data with the included 3 year Rescue Data Recovery Services.
  • Sleek and simple portable drive design for taking photos, movies, music, and more on-the-go
  • Automatic recognition of Windows and Mac computers for simple setup (Reformatting required for use with Time Machine)
  • Drag-and-drop file saving
  • USB 3.0 powered

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Specification: Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive…





Form Factor


Item Height

Item Width

Product Dimensions



Hard Drive Size

‎1.5 TB

Hard Disk Description

‎Mechanical Hard Disk

Hard Drive Interface

‎USB 2.0/3.0

Hard Disk Rotational Speed

‎5400 RPM

Hardware Platform

‎PC, Mac

Included Components

, , , ,

Country Origin

Item Weight

13 reviews for Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive…

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    I was a bit disappointed as, at first i got the Hardisk which was not working at all !!
    Then i had to proceed for replacement. But, good service by amazon, it was replaced the very next day,and this one is working very fine..one thing i wanted to say is, it would be very nice if you check the item before dispatching it.

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  2. Chris

    Worked Fine For just over a month, could be a little noisy at times (vibration from HDD) Then failed without warning
    not recognised on either PC or MAC and HDD just spins up, ticks twice then spins down.
    Very disappointed as this was bought following good reviews and I was relying on it for continuous backup.

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  4. Sam

    I now have both the 1.5TB and 3TB models of this drive so I have now divided my review in two sections.

    Review of 1.5TB model:
    I bought this on 23rd Sept. 2017. I have now used this drive for nearly 2&1/2 years now and it has been working perfectly till date. The external balck case can be removed (this will void the warranty I guarantee you because I checked this with Seagate Customer care) which will reveal the actual hard drive inside which is exactly like an internal hard drive used in laptops. After your warranty expires and you are planning to buy a new external hard drive you can then remove the internal hard drive and user it in your laptop but remember, most laptops only support internal hard drives of thickness 7mm-7.5mm only so you may not use the 3TB & 4TB version of this hard drive to insert into your laptop. Check the picture I attached of the internal hard drive.

    Review of 3TB Model:
    I bought this on 25th May 2020. This also a great HDD and has the quality and performance almost as the same as the 1.5TB model however, this one is physically very different from the 1.5TB version.

    1.5 TB [Width x Length x Height or thickness]=(1.5cm x 11.7cm x 8cm)
    3 TB [Width x Length x Height or thickness]=(2cm x 11.7cm x 8cm)
    The length of the USB 3.0 cable in provided with both the storage capacities is the same at 37 cm to 38 cm roughly.

    Both the Drives come with 3 Years of warranty in India only, don’t forget to register your hard drive on the Seagate website.

    Check the images I have attached comparing the sizes of the drives.

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  5. Maitiú

    I bought this for storing a back up of my work (years of teaching lessons from year 7 to 13. Used it 4 times and then it stopped working. Seagate offered to replace it through guarantee but I’d have to pay £600+ to get my data restored.

    What a scam! Build crap discs & sell them for £60 & then charge folk £600 (x 10 times cost) to get your crucial data back. Foolproof business plan. BEWARE!

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  7. XLR8

    Its reliable, Good speed, and fast and has alot of space.
    Usable Space: 1.37 TB
    I consider this series to be very best balance between price + Space + Speed.

    Speed test:
    Sequential Read: 80-110 MB/s
    Sequential Write: 70-98 MB/s
    Random Read Speed: 60-90 MB/s
    Random Write Speed: 40-70 MB/s (which is very good in my opinion)

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  8. Sauce

    Lo compré pese a la gran cantidad de personas a las que le ha fallado pensando que a mí no me iba a tocar. Daba errores de lectura y tardaba en acceder a los datos, pero lo achaqué al sistema operativo. Ayer dejó de funcionar definitivamente mientras copiaba unas fotos, ya no siquiera lo reconocen mis ordenadores. He perdido más de 3 Tb de fotos. Encima el servicio de recuperación bde Seagate te cobra 800€ por recuperar los datos. Parece mentira que Amazon siga vendiendo un producto como este con la cantidad de personas a las que le ha fallado, (sabiendo el perjuicio que puede provocar en caso de fallo)

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  10. Saisundar R

    I got the new hardd disk last week and I backed up some data initially to free up my laptop. Today when i tried to access it, suddenly its giving a beep sound. The laptop doesnt recognize it. On further google search, this looks like a common problem with Seagate. I blindly trusted Amazon Best choice tag and bought this. Ita very dissapointing to be let down this way

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  11. SookSook

    This review is for the 4TB Expansion Drive (with the ‘diamond square cut’ plastic case).

    Great compact enclosures. I would suggest putting on some small rubber ‘feet’ on the base to lift it up and allow any heat to dissipate more freely. The HDD is easily powered by the supplied USB cable. I have had two other Seagate Expansion drives running for almost 4 years with no problems.
    Please remember, just because these (or any other) portable HDD’s are ‘portable’ doesn’t mean that they should still be moved or knocked around too much. Always handle with care if you’re carrying it from one location to another to prolong its longevity.

    If you’re purchasing this drive to use as the manufacturer intended (as an external USB HDD), then it gets 5/5 stars and you need read no further.

    If you’re looking for a 2.5″ HDD to use inside a laptop, in a Disk Array enclosure, inside a PS4, or other ‘internal’ device, then read on…
    This ‘Expansion’ drive can easily be opened up to remove the actual Hard Drive inside.
    And it’s a far cheaper option than buying a bare 4tb 2.5″ HDD.

    I purchased two of these 4TB drives to use in a 2.5″ RAID enclosure.
    [Please Note: The 4TB HDD is 15mm thick. Lower capacities are variably thinner. Always check the max bay height of the device you are thinking of inserting the HDD into].

    The HDD can be removed from it’s plastic casing by gently prising away the top lid (which is clipped in). Some of the clips WILL break, but if you’re careful, the plastic casing can still be clipped back together again and reused (if you need to). Once inside, gently lift up the drive (it’s only slotted in place by 4 silicone screw covers), then slide out and peel off the sticky silver foil on the connector end. Make sure you peel off the foil on both sides of the drive. The USB/SATA connector can then be gently pulled off. You will also need to remove the 4 side holding screws to enable you to slot it in and secure it to your new bay location.

    The end result is that you now have a Seagate Barracuda 4TB drive, exactly the same as you would if you bought a loose (‘bare’) Seagate drive. The main advantage being – that you’ve just saved about 30-50% of the cost compared to buying an identical “bare” internal 4TB Barracuda HDD on Amazon!

    What are the disadvantages? You’ve likely voided the warranty.
    BUT, before you shoot off elsewhere thinking the warranty factor is a deal-breaker, consider the following two points:

    1) If you’re buying a bare HDD (no matter what capacity) you should NOT be buying it off of Amazon if its being ‘SOLD’ or ‘DISPATCHED’ by Amazon – especially those that come without any retail packaging.
    Hard Disk Drives are sensitive little things and don’t take very well to being mishandled or knocked about. Amazon packaging staff DO NOT know how to handle or package Hard Drives – this is not some off-the-wall claim, BELIEVE me, it’s highly substantiated! Despite Amazon having complaints on this subject stretching back over the last 8+ years, and despite always promising to correct things, Amazon are still today sending out hard drives in insufficient packaging.

    The majority of Hard Disk Drive failures that people report and complain about were caused because of how they were handled before they got to you (not the manufacturer’s fault) – and if you’ve purchased one that’s been ‘handled’ by Amazon – you’re playing a gambling game of roulette! By the time you receive that drive in your hands, it’s possibly been rattled around more times than an ice cube inside a cocktail shaker. Is it really any wonder why you see so many 1 and 2 star reviews (irrespective of brand)?

    2) A lot of bare Hard Disk Drives being sold on Amazon (especially those that are ‘competitively priced’) are actually sold without a manufacturers warranty anyway.
    They were either imported from somewhere where the Warranty is not valid. If your drive doesn’t fail on arrival (or shortly afterwards), you will never know this unless you attempt to register it. Or because they are surplus drives that were originally intended for use inside an external enclosure (such as these ‘Expansion’ ones being sold above) -there are actual reports and reviews that Seagate have informed customers of this fact.
    And even if your drive does come with a warranty – if the drive fails, it’s only going to cover an exchange. You will need to return the failed drive (most likely at your cost) and the warranty will not cover any data recovery. Meaning that essentially, once you send it back to get a replacement, you will never be getting the chance again to have your lost data back.

    My final advice is, be aware of the ‘handling’ risks in buying HDD’s from Amazon. And if doing so, ALWAYS buy RETAIL packaged drives. REJECT EVERYTHING ELSE.

    If you choose to accept this mission….then, good for you!…. This message will not self-destruct in 10 seconds… although it seems Amazon have obliterated the comments on all reviews!

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  13. Amazon Customer

    Cant connect it to computer within 1st month after purchase, no helpline number on seagate website to locate a service center, worst product, don’t select this one, go for 1 tb instead

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  14. James Shillingford

    I have had this hard drive since May. I trusted seagate and I made sure I always ejected the hard drive after using it. Recently, it broke for no reason and it won’t display on my computer and all my files are gone. The hard drive won’t even show up in disk management. I’m very upset as I had important videos and photos on there (around 2tb). Is they’re any chance I could be refunded as the hard drive is broken. Is there any chance I could get my files back? Very disappointed.

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  15. Shekhar T.V

    The product was delivered in a non functional state. They do not do the proper checking before delivering the product. Absolute carelessness

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  16. Prashant Jagwani

    I bought this a week ago. The product is really up to mark. The transfer speed is great bought write and read. It is Handy and easy to carry around. Compatibility is good as I have tested it for Mac and Windows. I will do the testing for Linux and Android too. I will update the review after 1 month of usage.

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  17. Amazon Customer

    It suddenly stopped responding after one month. There were no symptoms and it all happened so suddenly. The Disk was normally spinning and the blue light was showing, however when I inserted it into my laptop & PC, the Harddrive wasn’t responding.
    I checked the drive in the device manager and disk allocation options on my computers but the drive was not showing/detected!

    At first I suspected it was the USB to SATA adaptor within the external harddisk case. However, after I went to the repair shop for checking, their remarks was that the adaptor and cable were perfectly fine but the Harddrive itself has an internal problem.

    So in conclusion, this SEAGATE Expansion Harddrive might FAIL at any time, even with normal use. BUY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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    Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive…
    Seagate Expansion 1.5TB External HDD – 6.35 cm (2.5 Inch) USB 3.0 for Windows and Mac with 3 yr Data Recovery Services, Portable Hard Drive…


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