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SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25)

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SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25)

SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25) is available on Amazon at best discounted online price. The MRP & discounted rate of this product can be seen Below.(If OUT OF STOCK, Then also Please click on BUY NOW , Sometime It May be available from seller)

Specification of SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25)

  • Fast NVMe solid state performance in a portable, high-capacity drive
  • Drop protection, IP55 water and dust resistance, X-ray and shock proofing
  • Handu carabiner loop to secure the drive to your belt loop or backpack
  • Help keep private content private with the included hardware encryption
  • Compatibility with a range of USB Type-C smartphones for fast, easy backup

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Specification: SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25)




‎Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD



Form Factor


Item Height

Item Width

Product Dimensions



Hard Drive Size

‎1 TB

Processor Count


Hard Disk Description

‎Solid State Hard Drive

Hard Drive Interface

‎PCIE x 4

Hardware Platform

‎PC, Andriod, Mac

Are Batteries Included

Included Components

Country Origin

Item Weight

12 reviews for SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25)

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  1. The Watch

    Purchased 2TB Sandisk Extreme Portable 10gbps uses Samsung M.2 NVME SSD internals so will be extremely durable. I also read that this SSD has a DRAM cache to buffer the data makes it slightly better than Samsung T7 which is without a DRAM.

    To set the background, I recently bought the Acer Spin 5 i7 11th gen with 16gb LPDDR4X RAM, 500gb M.2 NVME PCIE Gen 4 SSD with 16gbps transfer rate. 2 Thunderbolt 4 C ports, 2 USB A ports, HDMI snd Micro SD slot. To match its capability, I purchased this Sandisc Extreme Pro 10gbps 2TB model.

    Could achieve real world 1+ gbps peak transfer speed over USB C Thunderbolt 4 for the Video folder. The video folder transferred in a jiffy. USB C 3 2 with 10gbps transfer capability will be sufficient to harness capability of this external Sandisk SSD.

    For Snaps and Music folder, speeds reduce to an average of 550mbps. Album metadata/Album cover slows the speed significantly to a crawling 10-15mbps.

    For Document folder, speed drops to about 475mbps.

    Therefore, in my thoughts for external SSD, write with maximum sequential transfer speeds is directly proportional to the file size (for small file sizes, HDD with USB 3.1 support will still be faster at peak threshold of 120 -300mbps). This is due to the quirky read-scan-erase-write cycle for each written file on SSD unlike direct sequential write on HDD over empty disc space.

    Also, please ensure that alternate USB C-C or USB A-C cables must be certified for minimum 10gbps transfer speed (my Amazon Basic USB C-C charging cable could not support >30mbps as its only meant for fast charging and not fast data transfer).

    Three soft issues to note is-
    1) SSD gets hot to touch during use
    2) 1xUSB C-C cable provided is stubby and short. Additional USB C female to USB A adapter is provided though the connection with main cable is a bit flimsy and not firm.
    3) Sandisk 5 year Warranty registration website did not recognize model number-serial number combination. I had to chat with their US Customer Support, provide them photos of front, back of the drive and Amazon Invoice copy. Next day, Warranty registration email was received from Sandisk for 5 years as promised.

    I formatted the Sandisk Extreme Pro drive to NTFS so I can back up the Win 10 Laptop System Image (if you use Apple device, NTFS cannot be used for back up so take note). My 475 gb (all partitions) were backed up as an ISO Image file in just 15 minutes flat via Thubderbolt 4 USB C port! This is the best case scenario for restore in case something goes wrong using Recovery USB stick.

    CAUTION: NTFS format being newer and faster is not recognized by iOS nor Android (there is a hack) so take the right decision based on usage.

    Great for speed junkies, Gamers and Content creators

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  2. Harshavardhan Jain

    I was shipped the product and on receipt I found the product does not match Order/Billing specifications. It is of LOWER specifications. Complained and other product was delivered, but that was also same as first product. Billing for higher specifications and supplying product with lower specifications, even for second time , amounts to intentional cheating of buyer. Please advise.

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  3. [wpsm_ads1]

    I have recently used the ‘extreme’ version and have loved it. So when I needed more storage I ordered 2 of the newer ones.

    The advert says that it comes with USB-C to USB-C with an adapter for USB-A. This is not so, and it just comes with a USB-A cable.

    I wish I could report the speeds etc, but neither of the 2 I purchased work!!!! At first it was worrying that the first one wasn’t recognised, but when the second one was the same I thought it could be my PC……. however after trying on another PC, and a MAC machine I could confirm 100% that both of the drives are faulty!!

    The actual feel of the drives are also very concerning. The ‘extreme’ drive I got about a year ago feels solid and is black, as listed. These are a very very very cheap plastic, and are actually a deep blue.

    I hope this is just a rogue batch, but has put me off the SanDisk SSDs

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  5. mayank

    Got fast delivery of new SSD. Transferred 61 GB data but size on disk shows 295 GB. Out of useable 930 GB, one third is already used. Emailed my issue to company, hope they revert back.

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  6. [wpsm_ads1]

    it gets too hot, the information transfer is less than 50MB per second is a scam, I transferred 100GB and it takes 55min not recommended, I do not return it because I throw the box, but if I could I would return it

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  8. P. van Win

    This was purchased for use as additional drive for M1 Mac Min which has only 256G drive built in.

    It worked as intended but became very warm even if it was doing nothing, just being connected. Whether or not this is normal I don’t know, but I do know that excessive heat shortens the life of SSDs.

    It also disconnected from the computer intermittently, with the OS thinking that it had been removed, so was proving to be unreliable. Returned for refund, with no problems there.

    I note that there have been other buyers who have had the same problems.

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  10. Kalyana

    Its a good SSD. No Space Issues. No Speed Issues. Runs warm though. 1050MB/s model.

    For people complaining it takes more space than copied, its not a fault of the product its the exFAT formatting the default with which the product comes. Reformat into NTFS and everything will be fine. NTFS is better from security stand point but for disk lifespan exFAT is better. Overall I feel NTFS is better, ran multiple SSDs with it and won’t really matter, you won’t use this your entire life.

    For people complaining about speed not just the port but the cable you are using also matters. Don’t use your phone cable to test it, it will come out pathetic. Use the given cable on a USB 3.2 port for max speed. USB 3 ports will be blue in color, exact standard of your computer you need to figure out.

    One real issue I see is it runs warm (when not doing anything) to slightly hot when using, not to the extent to freak out. If the case is warm the internal SSD should be hot. Don’t know what kind of heat sinks this has, can’t crack open to see. Will try to research, reach out to SanDisk and update here. SSDs do get warmer than traditional HDDs, so no need to worry a lot.

    Overall worth the money. Bought very recently, will update if something changes.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    The media could not be loaded.

     Received fake dummy product nothing inside the box.

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  13. Priyadarshee

    I am photographer and have added this as part of my workflow.
    It is a light-weight SSD, blazing fast, gives 500mbps with usb3.0(i have this now) and 100mbps with usb3.0 v2. ports. I have taken this version so that i am future proof and when i upgrade by laptop i can take advantage of this higher speed.
    The R/W speed is sufficient enough to edit pictures on the fly from SSD using photoshop.
    The build is also good with rubberish feel.

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  14. Saitta Salvatore

    In questo momento, allo stato attuale delle cose, il più entusiasta apprezzamento positivo che posso esprimere va ad Amazon. Mi spiego. Ho ricevuto il disco SSD acquistato: SanDisk Extreme SSD 2TB, accreditato per 1050 MB/s in lettura e 1000 MB/s in scrittura (senza alcuna riserva sul raggiungimento di tali dati). L’ho comprato perché i dati dichiarati mi sembravano essere veramente interessanti. Appena ricevuto, ho provato le capacità del disco operando dei trasferimenti da e per PC di circa 30 GB di file utilizzando una porta USB 3.1 Gen1 per la scrittura e per la lettura. Mi sono meravigliato del fatto che la velocità massima di trasferimento dei dati, da e per era di 250 MB/s con punte in decrescita sino a pochi MB/s. Ho contattato subito i tecnici della SanDisk che, prontamente si sono messi a disposizione per capire il problema dandomi istruzioni per acquisire con un programma ad hoc per testare la reale capacità di lavoro del disco. Seguendo le indicazioni, utilizzando il programma consigliato, ho rilevato che la velocità di test del disco si attestava in media a 450 MB/s. I tecnici di SanDisk, ottenuti i dati, confrontandoli con quelli che si sarebbero dovuti ottenere, concludevano che il disco andava sostituito. Contattato il personale di Amazon, giustificato il motivo del reso, ho chiesto la sostituzione del disco. E qui è brillata l’organizzazione e la serietà di Amazon. In meno di 24 ore, a costo “0”, mi è arrivato un secondo disco, perfettamente integro nell’imballaggio. Ho messo alla prova anche questo secondo disco, utilizzando un portatile più performante del PC e il risultato ottenuto è stato in media di 460 MB/s, praticamente di poco superiore al primo. Ho dedotto quindi (a dar fede ai risultati ottenuti), che questi dischi al di là delle dichiarazioni ufficiali, non vadano oltre a tale velocità di test. Ho inviato una mail a SanDisk, raccontando del cambio disco e inviando i risultati ottenuti. I tecnici della SanDisk dopo una loro attenta analisi degli ultimi dati, hanno concluso che quel disco inserito su una presa USB3.1 gen. 1, non può dare che quelle velocità, ma che le velocità promesse saranno disponibili solo su porte USB3.2 gen. 2 e USB3.1 gen. 2. Scusandosi per l’equivoco ingenerato dalla mancata precisazione di tale dato sulla pubblicizzazione dei dati di velocità possibili relativi a tale disco. In buona pace, per tutti i computer che sono privi di prese USB3.1 o .2 gen. 2, quel tipo di disco non può generare velocità di lettura e di scrittura teoriche superiori a 512 MB/s, (che poi al test sono anche inferiori). Tutto ciò è bene che sia noto anche ad Amazon, costretta alla sostituzione o anche al ritiro (senza alcuna colpa), di dischi SSD, che nella realtà, nelle condizioni di cui sopra, risultano essere “normali” e non con difetto. Quindi LODE ad Amazon; MINORE LODE a SanDisk che visualizza dati insufficienti che aiutino a un migliore orientamento d’acquisto agli acquirenti.

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  15. Mukesh Patel

    I have purchased this 1TB, 1050/R and 1000/W Speed SSD few days back and it’s honest user review.
    1. Very well designed, looks premium and Amazing.
    2. Bottom side rubbery layer gives sans of protection.
    3. Very compact and light weight.
    4. Round Edges makes it convenient to carry in pocket.
    5. Speed is great with C to C direct connection but not great with C to Usb tranfer, exact speed not tested scientifically.
    6. Users may have to buy additional cable from market and those are very costly, specially high speed cables, and that’s dent in the pocket.
    1. Major problem is Cable, It’s too short and hard makes it difficult and convenient to use as day to day external drive.. It’s very stiff.
    2. Due to thickness and stiffness of cable it immediately creates wrinkles on outer layer.. Check Image posted.
    3. C to USB Adapter is also not comfortable to use.
    1. SanDisk must provide longer C to C Cable bit flexible.
    2. Rather than USB A adaptor can provide C to USB A Cable of same length as C to C little longer.
    3. Can also bundle carry case so cables and disk can be stored in same case.. Third party cases are too big for such a tiny SSD.
    Rest it’s is great product with awesome design and feel.

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  16. Kev the Gerbil

    Edit: July 11th 2021
    I have now, finally managed to get a spanking new PS5 console. All the PS4 games stored on the SanDisk are recognised by the PS5 and can be played directly from the extended storage. The speed gains for HZD mentioned below are still maintained.

    Never, ever disconnect the SSD when the PS5 is in standby mode. Only remove it or reconnect it when the console is completely turned off otherwise you risk corrupting the entire SSD.
    Also, do not connect it via the USB A connector on the front of the console. Either use the front USB C port or either of the rear ports.

    This is a review for the SanDisk Extreme 1TB Portable NVMe SSD

    Was running out of space on my PS4 Pro and weighed up all the options for candidates for Extended Storage. With the prospect of eventually getting a PS5 (sigh), I wanted a device that would be somewhat future-proof when connected to the next-gen console.

    The device is barely much larger than a credit card and about three or four credit cards thick. Connected it to the rear USB port and, because the supplied cable is so damn short, it had to rest on the top of the console which is not ideal given the amount of heat that the PS4 Pro chucks out. It was instantly recognized by the console and formatted for extended storage in a matter of seconds, giving about 930Gb of extra space.

    Moving games from the internal disk to the Sandisk is simple. CyberPunk 2077, which is about 109Gb, took roughly 40 minutes so an average of 3Gb / min. This of course is limited by the read speed of the internal PS4 disk rather than the write speed of the Sandisk SSD.

    The real test of course is in how much faster the games load so I did a test using Horizon Zero Dawn. My biggest gripe with this fabulous game is the long load times between location changes, especially if going from say Meridian to the Frozen Wilds Cut.

    For those familiar with HZD, when you finish the game it puts you back at the start of the Looming Shadow quest, so that was my save point for this test.

    With the game installed on the internal disk drive, the time taken from hitting “Continue” to getting control of Aloy was 2min 11secs. I then moved the game to the Sandisk Extended Storage and repeated the test. The time taken from hitting “Continue” to getting control of Aloy was dramatically reduced to just 46 seconds, a speed increase of almost triple. I then tested travelling to various remote campfires and the increased speed was maintained. This is an incredible result.

    I then did various tests with God of War but did not notice any appreciable difference in load times although the initial load screen was definitely faster. I can only assume that some games may be better optimized than others. I will be testing it with Ghost of Tsushima in the near future.

    So is it worth it?. If you play HZD then a very big YES.

    The Cons:
    Compared to a bog standard mechanical 1Tb external drive, it’s £100 more expensive but you wouldn’t gain any speed improvement. Looking ahead, however, I think it’s worth paying the extra for an ultra fast SSD that will also do justice when connected to the next-gen PS5 console (big sigh again).

    The supplied cable is way too short. I’ve now got it connected with a 1Meter USB A to C cable so it can be placed away from any heat sources. In actual use it only gets moderately warm.

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    SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25)
    SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable SSD 1050MB/s R, 1000MB/s W, IP55 Rated, PC, MAC & Smartphone Compatible, Black (SDSSDE61-1T00-G25)


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