Dr. Air FILTER – 01 Air Purifier Filter(HEPA Filter) – at Rs 29000 ₹ Only

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Rs. 29,000 Rs. 35,000 BUY NOW
Dr. Air FILTER - 01 Air Purifier Filter(HEPA Filter) - at Rs 29000 ₹ Only

Indurre INDHF01 Air Purifier Filter(HEPA Filter)

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Model NumberINDHF01
TypeHEPA Filter
Designed ForAir Purification
Weight3500 g

A HEPA filter is a throwaway, extended-medium, dry-type filter with: (1) a minimum particle removal efficiency of no less than 99.97 percent for 0.3-µm particles, (2) a maximum resistance, when clean, of 1.0 inches water gauge (in.wg) when operated at 1,000 cfm, and (3) a rigid casing that extends the full depth of the medium. All high-efficiency filters are now made from a mixture of glass fibers. These are sometimes referred to as “absolute filters.” Particulate diameters for common materials and the relative comparison of these particulates are shown most HEPA filter units are constructed the same way. A continuous length of filter paper is folded back and forth into pleats and corrugated separators are inserted between each fold. The assembly is then sealed into a rigid, open-faced rectangle. The components of a fabricated HEPA filter include: (1) extensively pleated filter medium, (2) separators that provide air passages and keep adjacent pleats apart, (3) a rigid filter case that encloses and protects the fragile filter medium, (4) sealants used to bond the filter pack (consisting of the assembled pleated medium and separators) to the filter case and to eliminate leak paths between filter pack components, and (5) gaskets attached to the filter case on one or both open faces to provide an airtight seal between the filter and the mounting frame

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