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LD BAZAAR : Invest 10 Rs and Get Chance To Earn 50,000 to 1 lakh per month FULL PLAN REVIEW

LD Bazaar Fixed Salary Plan – Rs. 10 ka Dhamaka 

The world is MADE of peoples and peoples are MAD of money. Money is a necessary event as money is necessary for happiness.

I am posting you an awesome and most interesting
POST through which you can really make handsome money FROM online. The
concept of this scheme is based on CROWD FUNDING PLAN. LDBAZAAR is a 5 × 15 crowd funding autofill matrix plan [ Means anyone can earn Unlimited
Income from this plan.] which can enable you to earn money in thousand
to lakhs depending on the level you work on.

LD BAZAAR : Invets 10 Rs and Get Chance To Earn 50,000 to 1 lakh per month FULL PLAN REVIEW

It’s most important than how you do smart work than more hard work. In this system you have to invest amount of yours one time hotel/Misal/Vadapav/Dosa expenses and after that you get lifetime earning opportunity. After that if you go daily in hotel without any worry. So you can see the life time earning opportunity chance to earn Aprox. Rs.1 Cr. or more.

LD BAZAAR Features:-

  • No Risk
  • 10rs Investment IN LD BAZAAR
  • You will get 10rs LD BAZAAR Recharge coupon
  • No Tension
  • No Product Sale.
  • Auto 5X15 Matix
  • Auto-Fill (Top to Bottom & Left to Right)
  • 2 direct referrals are preferred for fast Earnings.
  • only one-time small investment Rs-10.
  • only 2 joining need (u can invite more).
  • no loss only profit.
  • You can also tell that its part time job in home base.

What do you need to start LD BAZAAR  plan:

1) Basic Internet knowledge.

2) Bank account or paytm account (to send and receive payment)

3) Invest RS 10 /- only. { in return You will get 10rs Recharge coupon } means you have invetsed nothing.

4) Basic knowledge of communicating with people to make them understand about the plan.


1. To join LD BAZAAR follow this REGISTRATION link :-


 2. For registration process click above link & you will see my details.

3. Now Fill Your Details & complete your registration.

4. After Registration LD BAZAAR you will get your user ID and Password on your mobile Number.

5. Now Just send 10 Rs to ANY FRANCHISE MEMBERS as they will activate Your accounts.via

6. Before Sending Payment > Do Whatsapp message to FRANCHISE MEMBERS :-

Click Here To WhatsApp FRANCHISE Member
 Click Here To WhatsApp (If You Are From My Team )

(Write JOIN LD BAZAAR then your Name and User ID: and Payment proof screenshot )

7. They will Approve your Joining request and They will Activate your Refer Link when They receive 10 Rs from you and Company will add/Return your 10rs in the form of Recharge coupan worth 10rs to your account.


After JOINING Make BIG team Within 30 Days. so as to get good earning daily. and dont forget to see this Youtube videos .(video links are available at the end of this post)


You can also activate Your own account or ur Downline Team accounts from this Below FRANCHISE USERS by sending 10rs to them:


At the beginning, you have to deposit Rs. 10/- in your Sponsor’s Bank
A/c. (or in Paytm Account )
FRANCHISE USER, As you deposits Rs. 10/- into your FRANCHISE USER or sponsor’s bank a/c your ID will be activated and your income starts.
Just start telling this plan to everyone you care You must Join minimum 2 Users to start ur earnings. Anyone who wishes to
join will deposit Rs. 10/- directly into
FRANCHISE USER or in your bank a/c or by PAYTM  you just forword/send that 10RS to above FRANCHISE USERS to activate their Accounts. 

This is 15 Level 5X15 auto forced matrix plan. So, when you will join 6th
person, he will go to the downline of your first joiners vacant position. After registration, you will receive USER ID & PASSWORD onto your
registered Mobile No.

How to Refer My Friends in LD BAZAAR :


1. When You Login To your account You will find Your refer link on dashboard.


How Much I Can EARN MONEY By Referring My Friends:


• Minimum 2 direct sponsor to get upto 5 level income.
• 7 direct sponsor to get upto 10 level income.
• 10 direct sponsor to get upto 15 level income

How To See Downline Or Referral:

1. Goto Menu —>  My Profile —> MY Tree.
there are many option( My Sponsoring , Team Binary , Trinary) in this to see your TEAM
2. To Check How users are there in every levels.
Goto Menu —>  My Profile —> MY Team Super 10 Level Business.

How To Activate my Refer friend or team:

Note: You need to have Money In Your CASH BALANCE

1. Goto Menu —>  My Profile —> Join Super 10 Club
2. Now put user id of that user whom you want to activate his ID in “Purchased By
3. Now select from wallet as : CASH
5. Now 10rs will deduct from your cash wallet and user id will be activated.

Note:  If you dont have money in CASH WALLET , then ask for FRANCHISE MEMBER they will activate accounts.

How Many Bonus/POOL Plans are their in LDBAZAAR :

Actually there are 3 POOL plans & 1 Recharge Plan available which are givien below, 
You Just Need To Join Only 10RS plan, and rest other are bonus
plans they will automatically gets UPGRADED when You Earn Sufficient amounts every plans.

lets see how it will UPGRADED

LDBAZAAR 10 Rs Plan: Common For All.

LDBAZAAR 20 Rs Plan: ( i.e, POOL 1 )

When YOU EARN 40-Rs minimum in plan 10,
20Rs will Be deducted Automatically and your ID will UPGRADED to plan 20.

so now you have started earning money from this both plan 10 and plan 20, 

For Easy understanding Lets call this as POOL 1

LDBAZAAR 50 Rs Plan: ( i.e, POOL 2 )

When YOU EARN 100-Rs minimum in plan 20, ( i.e, POOL 1 )
50Rs will Be deducted Automatically and your ID will UPGRADED to plan 50.

so now you have started earning money from All this plan 10 , plan 20 , plan 50

LDBAZAAR 100 Rs Plan: ( i.e, POOL 3 )

When YOU EARN 200-Rs minimum in plan 50, ( i.e, POOL 2 )
100Rs will Be deducted Automatically and your ID will UPGRADED to plan 100.

so now you have started earning money from All this plan 10 , plan 20 , plan 50, Plan 100

LDBAZAAR Recharge Plans: For All Users.

How To Withdraw Money in LDBAZAAR Money:

1. Goto Menu & click Service –> Select Manage Sender/ Beneficiaries.
2. Now Add Beneficiaries by entering Your Bank account details.
3. Now Again Goto Menu & click Service –> Select MANAGE TRANSFER.
4. Now click on sender & select your Account.
5. Put Your desired amount to withdraw and Click on this option “PAY FROM”
6. Select Wallet and Choose “Earning” 
7. Click on Transfer Money. you will get your money in bank account.

Important Points:
a. Every 30th of Month (30 days) is the Closing Date of Your earning.
b. from 31 days you will start your earnings of previous months.


if you earn 1000Rs in 1 Month(30 days) then from 31 days your earnings will get back to you in this format.

1000Rs / 30days = 33.33Rs 

you will get 33.33Rs daily from 31 days.  

in this format you will get ur earnings, for further months same process follow.

How To Complete KYC for withdrawing Money:

1. Goto Menu —>  My Profile —> Profile Update.
3. when this details verify You will get withdrawl. 

Terms and Conditions:

• 2 direct sponsor to get upto 5 level income.
• 7 direct sponsor to get upto 10 level income.
• 10 direct sponsor to get upto 15 level income
• 15% admin charge
• IMPS service from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. IMPS charges as per bank.
• Daily withdrawal
• Minimum withdrawal Rs.100


sponsors are joining someone daily and everyone is getting Money in bank a/c. When they join more than 5 persons in his LEVEL 1, then where will 6th ,7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Users will go? Because this is 5X15 Auto Forced Matrix Plan all the members
will go to downline of 1st Levels 

means 6th member under 1st user, 7th member under 2nd user, and soo on… becuase this is a 5X15 matrix plan will be autofill.


This Payment proof is one of our Senior Member.

Youtube Videos:


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