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JIOCoin Reliance Jio launching its own cryptocurrency JIOCoin

 Reliance Jio launching its own cryptocurrency JIOCoin

disrupting the telecom sector with its free offers and hyper-competitive
tariffs, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd plans to create HISTORY its own
cyptocurrency, JioCoin. Telecom operator Reliance Jio is rumoured to step into the cryptocurrency game with its own digital currency called JioCoin.With Mukesh Ambani’s elder son Akash
Ambani leading the JioCoin project, Reliance Jio plans to build a
50-member team of young professionals to work on blockchain technology,
which can also be used to develop applications such as smart contracts
and supply chain management logistics

Cryptocurrencies have become a lot popular in 2017, and we have just
entered 2018, but already there’s a lot of buzz going on the web about
new cryptocurrencies coming into play this year. And Reliance Jio seems
to be interested in steeping its foot into the cryptocurrency game.

One of the most popular applications of Blockchain technology is
cryptocurrency. A blockchain facilitates secure online transactions, and
it’s a distributed digital leader to record transactions across many
computers so that the particular record cannot be changed from the past
without any change of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the
network. And the information shared on the blockchain can be accessed
anywhere because the data is shared in the cloud.

“One (application) is cryptocurrency. We can deploy smart contracts.
It can be used in supply chain management logistics. Loyalty points
could altogether be based on JioCoin,” the same person quoted to the
publication. He even stated that the info is still in the proposal

Reliance Jio
also aspires to get into the Internet of Things (IoT). Blockchain
technology would come in handy there,” the person said. We approached
Jio on the same, but the company is yet to respond.

The popular cryptocurrency of 2017 everyone is aware of is Bitcoin.
At a rapid growth, Bitcoin was the talk of the world, and in the
process, it even attracted normal citizens to become investors on the
same. Bitcoin value even touched $19,000 before Christmas Day, but
currently, it’s hovering around $13,500.

As per a report from Livemint

JIO Coin Launch Date

As there is no updates on launching JIO
coin but Livemint news portal already confirm about this but if there is
any updates regarding JIO coin then it will be published on JIO
official website jio.com so for latest updates JIO coin keep checking
this portal and get latest updates, as Laxmi coin Is launching ICO on
March 2018 and they already arrange Seminar on Laxmi coin in which
invited guest will be rewarded some Laxmi coin, so If JIO right now
choosing which platform will be better as they thinking about to option
i.e. Tangle Technology or Blockchain, but sources says Blockchain will
be JIO official choice.

JIO Coin Price

Expected Price will be under $1 USD means
Rs.64 Indian Rupees, as JIO Company doing great on share market and now
with this news JIO Share will be increase with huge peak rate, like
Kodak Shares increase with huge growth after announcement of Kodakcoin
launch and as per every cryptocurrency official put Initial coin
offering for customer so JIO customer can buy ICO of JIO coin and prices
will be very less because to build good market cap initial every
cryptocurrency owner decided sale their coins with very less price.

 How to Buy JIO coin

JIO coin not yet launched so right  you cannot buy JIO coin and you
have to wait for official statement from JIO, which will be updated soon
and if is there trading means buying and selling of JIO coin then it
will be available on jio.com.


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